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  • How to Avoid Scams from Airport Taxi Services
  • Book in Advance
  • Choose a Reputable Company
  • Make Sure the Car is Marked Appropriately
  • Check Prices
  • Always Have Change

During air travel, there are so many things to plan, and airport transfer is one of them. Sure, it probably sounds easy – you just take a cab from the airport and it takes you wherever you need to be.

The thing about tourists, however, is that they are the ideal target for scammers. There are numerous ways you can get ripped off and ruin the experience of your arrival in a particular city.

Still, if you prefer to get a cab than use public transportation when you are already travel-weary, there are certain ways to avoid scams if you are well prepared.

How to Avoid Scams from Airport Taxi Services

Travelling by taxi is probably one of the most frustrating experiences when you are in a foreign country. You might not be familiar with the roads there, so that’s a great way to get ripped off if the driver chooses a longer route.

If you don’t know which are the good and reliable airport taxi companies on which you can depend there, you are setting yourself up for theft.

Fortunately, there are ways to escape that hypothetical situation and below we’ll have a look at them. Here is how not to become easy prey for scammers during an airport transfer.

Book in Advance

Booking airport transfer in advance

One way to be completely sure that you won’t be scammed and that you will be treated properly is to book a taxi in advance with a company like

The prices are a lot more affordable with such services than if you were to take a cab from the airport directly.

These companies will not take advantage of the fact that you have no other option but to take a taxi, as would those drivers that wait at the airport.

With such services, your safety is guaranteed and you can always check the company’s insurance policies to reassure yourself of that.

The drivers working there are experienced and courteous, and you will have enough information about them to know for sure that they are not scammers.

Choose a Reputable Company

Companies that offer pre-booked airport transfers could also be scammers, so you should make sure the one you are choosing is really a reliable one.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to check if you can really trust the company.

The first thing you should look for is licensing. A company should be certified to do that type of transfer, otherwise, it means that you can’t trust that provider with your safety.

Other things to consider include the company’s experience and customer service. If you are having a lot of trouble finding necessary information or you’re waiting too long for an employee to respond to your inquiries, that’s a sign that you can’t expect a lot from that company.

A big scam you can become a victim of with such companies are hidden charges. When you get a quote on the price, check what services it includes.

Some drivers might charge you additionally for waiting time or luggage if you haven’t done your research.

See if the company offers executive drive. Owning up to corporate clients’ standards is a sign that you can really trust that company for quality services and honest customer service.

Make Sure the Car is Marked Appropriately

If you haven’t pre-booked your taxi and still need to take one from the airport, make sure it is marked appropriately with the logo of a renowned company.

A lot of fraudulent taxies are concentrated at places such as airports or train stations, waiting to take advantage of the fact that you are already exhausted from the flight and you could easily fall for their scam.

Always read carefully how the car is marked and make sure that it is the official name of the company.

If you are already at the airport, you could also call a company that you know and trust to send you an honest taxi driver.

Check Prices

Compare the prices offered by different chauffeurs and avoid the ones that are unusually high. If you are not sure how much you would have to pay at the end, don’t hesitate to ask the driver for an estimation.

Clear information about the pricing should be visible somewhere on the inside of the cab.

When you get inside, make sure that the meter is running. Otherwise, the driver could just tell you any price he wants and there will be no proof of the real distance you’ve passed.

Always Have Change

Having spare change

If you only have large money, a taxi driver could pretend to not have change or simply refuse to give you change.

That is why when going on a trip you should make sure you are equipped with enough change to avoid such situations.

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