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  • Differences Between Hiring a Car and Booking an Airport Taxi
  • Convenience and Comfort
  • Knowing Routes and Road Conditions
  • Affordability
  • Reliability

If you’re travelling by plane, you have to think about how will you get to your place of accommodation after you land. There are many options from which you can choose the most convenient one for you.

Experienced travellers will agree that booking an airport taxi or renting a car to drive yourself are much better options than using public transportation.

However, between these two, which one is the better one?

Differences Between Hiring a Car and Booking an Airport Taxi

Air travel is usually quite a frustrating experience, so most people look for airport transfer options that take some of the stress away.

Some people think that hiring a car gives them more freedom, but when you look closer at things, it is definitely a more stressful way to travel to or from the airport.

If you are wondering should you pre-book an airport taxi instead, below are all the reasons why it is the better option.

Convenience and Comfort

Convenience and Comfort

Imagine going to a foreign city or a country and having to drive the car you hired across roads that you don’t know well.

You might be a person with good orientation skills, but still, after a long and exhausting air trip, having to follow the GPS direction and wondering where you will end up is probably not a very uplifting scenario.

If you are driving your family or other passengers, the responsibility is immense, so you wouldn’t want to experiment with your airport transfer.

Booking a taxi is the option that will provide maximum safety for you and your close ones and it will provide great levels of comfort.

You will save yourself all the parking worries and instead of getting nervous about traffic jams, you could simply sit back and relax in the cab.

Furthermore, after the flight frenzy, you will probably be fatigued, which poses danger if you are driving, while an airport taxi driver will always be in a condition to drive.

The driver will be waiting for you right outside the airport so you can just hop on and enjoy a relaxing ride to your place of accommodation.

These chauffeurs also know all the best places for tourists, so your ride could easily turn into a sightseeing trip or you could learn all the interesting places to visit, instead of wasting time looking for them yourself at roads that you don’t know very well.

Knowing Routes and Road Conditions

One great thing about hiring a taxi to or from the airport is the fact that the driver knows all the best routes to get to your destination.

He is aware of current road conditions and of the traffic at certain parts of the day, so if you need a quick ride, for example, if you need to arrive at the airport on time, he will choose the route that will get you there the fastest.

Not knowing the road conditions could lead to some damage to the vehicle. You wouldn’t want that if it’s a car you rented, as the last thing you probably want is additional expenses and stress.


Renting a car would definitely feel bad for your pockets. There are a lot of taxes and factors that affect the price, which are not present for airport taxi services.

For example, you are required to pay the insurance and leave a deposit in addition to the rental price.

With private airport transfers, there is a fixed price, based on the distance that will be travelled, and you will not be required to pay any additional taxes.

Another great relief that comes with pre-booking a taxi is the fact, that you will not have to worry about filling the gas tank. The gas is already included in the price, as it is calculated based on the distance between your pick-up and drop-off locations.

The driver also knows how to drive in a cost-effective manner to save fuel. With hired cars, the vendors will want you to return the car with a full gas tank, which is simply an additional unnecessary expense.

Some parking facilities are going to charge you, but with airport taxi services you won’t need to worry about that too.


Reliable services of an airport taxi

All the chauffeurs hired by renowned companies like have years of experience and have passed additional training.

They are certified to drive safely customers to or from the airport, so you can be sure that you will arrive safe and sound in time where you need to be.

Although hiring a car provides you with freedom and flexibility, it comes with a price. Not only will it be more expensive for your wallet, but the risk of damage to the car and to yourself is much greater.

Instead, you could make your trip much more enjoyable and relaxing and enjoy quality airport taxi services.

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