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Dumfries Airport Transfers & Taxi

Dumfries is a charming town located in the southwestern region of Scotland.

Known for its rich history, beautiful landmarks, and warm hospitality, Dumfries is a popular destination for travelers seeking a picturesque and culturally-rich experience.

The town is nestled along the banks of the River Nith, with its origins dating back to Roman times. Dumfries boasts a unique blend of modern amenities and historic charm, making it a delightful place to visit and explore.

Transportation in Dumfries

Dumfries has a reliable and efficient transportation system that caters to the needs of both locals and visitors.

The town has a well-connected bus network that serves the local area and connects to nearby towns and villages.

Stagecoach West Scotland is the main bus operator in Dumfries, offering regular bus services to various destinations within and outside the town.

Dumfries has a railway station, Dumfries Railway Station, which is located in the town center. It offers train services to major cities in Scotland and England, providing an alternative mode of transportation for travelers.

Airports near Dumfries

Dumfries is well-connected to several airports in the surrounding area, making it a convenient destination for travelers.

Here are some of the major airports near Dumfries:

Glasgow Airport (GLA)

Located approximately 62 miles northwest of Dumfries, Glasgow Airport is one of the busiest airports in Scotland. It offers a wide range of domestic and international flights, serving as a major gateway for travelers coming to and from Dumfries.

Edinburgh Airport (EDI)

Situated about 81 miles northeast of Dumfries, Edinburgh Airport is another major airport in Scotland. It offers a variety of domestic and international flights, connecting Dumfries to various destinations across the UK and beyond.

Glasgow Airport


Taxis are a convenient mode of transportation in Dumfries, offering flexibility and ease of travel for both locals and tourists.

In Dumfries, taxis are readily available and can be easily hailed on the street, or booked in advance through a reputable taxi service provider like

Taxis in Dumfries are regulated and licensed by the local council, ensuring that they meet safety and quality standards.

Local Landmarks

Dumfries is steeped in history, with several local landmarks that are worth exploring.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Dumfries is Dumfries Abbey, a historic monastery founded in the 12th century. This magnificent structure is known for its stunning architecture and rich history, and it attracts tourists and history enthusiasts from all over the world.

Another notable landmark is Dumfries Castle, a medieval fortress that dates back to the 13th century. The castle has played a significant role in the town’s history and is now a popular tourist attraction.


The people of Dumfries, known as “Doonhamers,” are known for their warm hospitality and friendly nature.

The town has a diverse population, with a mix of locals and immigrants from different parts of the world. English and Scots are the main languages spoken in Dumfries.

The people of Dumfries take pride in their town’s history and they are known for their welcoming nature towards visitors.


In addition to its historical landmarks, Dumfries is also home to various famous institutions.

The Dumfries Museum and Camera Obscura is a must-visit for those interested in local history, with its collection of artifacts and exhibits showcasing Dumfries’ past.

The Robert Burns Centre is another important institution, dedicated to preserving the legacy of the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns, who lived and wrote in Dumfries during the late 18th century. The center houses a museum and an extensive collection of Burns’ manuscripts.

Area & Population

Dumfries is located at 55.0709° N, 3.6058° W and has a post code of DG1.

Dumfries has an area of approximately 6.9 square miles (18.0 square kilometers) and a population of around 37,500 people.

History & Customs

Dumfries has a rich history that dates back to Roman times, and the town has been an important center of trade and commerce throughout the centuries.

In the Middle Ages, Dumfries was a bustling market town, and it played a significant role in Scotland’s history, being a royal burgh and a major trading hub.

Dumfries is also known for its unique customs and traditions. One of the most famous customs is the “Guid Nychburris,” a traditional festival that takes place annually in June, celebrating the town’s history and community spirit.

Nearby Towns

Dumfries is located in the heart of Dumfries and Galloway, a picturesque region in southwest Scotland.

The town is surrounded by several nearby towns that are worth exploring. Some of the notable nearby towns include Castle Douglas, Moffat, and Annan.

Nearby Hotels

If you are planning to stay in Dumfries, there are several hotels in the area that cater to different budgets and preferences.

Here is a list of the top 10 hotels in Dumfries:

  1. Cairndale Hotel & Leisure Club
  2. Holiday Inn Dumfries
  3. Best Western Station Hotel
  4. Moreig Hotel
  5. Premier Inn Dumfries
  6. Caledonian Hotel
  7. Queensberry Hotel
  8. Huntingdon House Hotel
  9. Best Western Dryfesdale Country House Hotel
  10. Buccleuch and Queensberry Arms Hotel

These hotels offer a range of amenities, including comfortable accommodations, dining options, and leisure facilities, ensuring a pleasant stay for visitors to Dumfries.

Holiday Inn Dumfries

Dumfries Airport and Taxi Services

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